Private & Confidential

Enables Families

  • Trains parents to be the best advocate for their child
  • School district can make up for lost services due to not following the Individual Education Plan
  • Provides resources relating to special education laws and services for students with ADD, ASDs, and other health impairments



Document review, document preparation, phone consultation district, etc: $45/hr

Face to face meetings, Individual Educational Plan, Admission Review & Dismissal meetings; Other face to face meetings with client or School district personnel involved in the case: $95/hr

All fees are pro-rated by 10-minute intervals. A retainer is required prior to initiating the case. The initial phone consultation is free.

Participation Agreement

Download a Participation Agreement by going to this link.

Saves Relationships

  • Allows for a fresh start
  • Improves communication
  • Prevents adversity
  • ARD/IEP meetings stay on topic with separate meetings for misunderstandings

Saves Time

  • Avoids filing complaints with staff and the state
  • Provides early intervention and resolution
  • Allows child to receive services promptly
  • Admission, Review and Dismissal process can move forward

Saves Money