Private & Confidential

Enables Families

  • Trains parents to be the best advocate for their child
  • School district can make up for lost services due to not following the Individual Education Plan
  • Provides resources relating to special education laws and services for students with ADD, ASDs, and other health impairments

Other Services

Family Mediator

Ms. LaBeau, RN is trained in Collaborative Civil and Family Law as a mental health professional, facilitator or communications specialist, and mediator. Her professional training and experience as a psychotherapist in Fort Worth from 1982 to 1994 and psychiatric nurse from 1975 to 1980 makes her an ideal candidate for working with families experiencing divorce particularly families with children with special education needs or a learning disability such as Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder or other health impairment. Divorcing couples need to take into account how to support their child/children in the midst of their divorce. Ms. LaBeau's training in marriage and family therapy and professional experience as a psychotherapist can help divorcing couples develop an appropriate parenting plan which suits their individual divorcing circumstances. Cooperating and building a civil structure in the best interests of your children will provide many rewards far into the future.

Ms. LaBeau's training and professional experience in Civil and Family Mediation since 1997 in addition to her Civil and Family Collaborative Law skills makes her an ideal candidate for divorce mediation. She has provided more than 500 hours in mediation experience. Ms. LaBeau works with Family Lawyers in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

Healthcare Facilitator/Mediator

Ms. LaBeau, RN has been serving on a board of directors for a healthcare insurance entity for 13 years. Her training in Civil Collaborative Law enables her to work with attorneys to resolve medical error litigation. Ms. LaBeau is capable of providing assistance on the litigation team as communications specialist, mental health professional or facilitator in the resolution process. With the implementation of the new healthcare laws, greater attention will be paid to medical error. Civil Collaborative Law will be a positive addition to resolving these disputes between injured patients, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare entities.

Saves Relationships

  • Allows for a fresh start
  • Improves communication
  • Prevents adversity
  • ARD/IEP meetings stay on topic with separate meetings for misunderstandings

Saves Time

  • Avoids filing complaints with staff and the state
  • Provides early intervention and resolution
  • Allows child to receive services promptly
  • Admission, Review and Dismissal process can move forward

Saves Money