Private & Confidential

Enables Families

  • Trains parents to be the best advocate for their child
  • School district can make up for lost services due to not following the Individual Education Plan
  • Provides resources relating to special education laws and services for students with ADD, ASDs, and other health impairments


School districts are required by law to provide parents with PROCEDURAL SAFEGUARDS upon request for a meeting to discuss their child’s academic progress. If your child is not reading or able to perform math by third (3rd) grade or fails the TAKS test, you have the right to ask for a meeting with your child’s teacher and principal to discuss your child’s educational progress. If these professionals are not willing to provide you with this meeting, it is time to call Ms. LaBeau, RN for assistance.

Saves Relationships

  • Allows for a fresh start
  • Improves communication
  • Prevents adversity
  • ARD/IEP meetings stay on topic with separate meetings for misunderstandings

Saves Time

  • Avoids filing complaints with staff and the state
  • Provides early intervention and resolution
  • Allows child to receive services promptly
  • Admission, Review and Dismissal process can move forward

Saves Money